• The Alpharetta Raider Band was Formed in 2004
  • The Alpharetta Raider Band has over 225 members
  • Enjoy this seasons production "Elements of the Universe"
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GREAT rehearsal today - very pleased!  Please be sure you are prepared for Saturday.  Tuxedo; polished black shoes, all-black dress socks, a real tux shirt and bow tie - be sharp.  Winds - extra reeds, valve oil, slide grease;  percussion "the list."  Meal is paid for (thanks to boosters!) - but bring some pocket change just in case.

You can access the complete Saturday schedule HERE.    



What an "amazing" week we're having....

 Due to a "third" unexpected snow day, we're closed again Friday - but.....  

Leave Friday (1/19) rehearsal on your schedule.  I am optomistic that we will be allowed to rehearse and it is possible that we'll back the start time up an hour or two - but we cannot confirm all of this until tomorrow morning.  PLEASE WATCH THE WEBSITE AND WATCH YOUR EMAIL.   Sleep in, get up and warm up a little, and be ready to rehearse.  There is NOT another day, we're completely out of options. This will be the ONLY time we get to run the entire set of music prior to Saturday's performance.   You can access the complete Saturday schedule HERE.  

MOZART ENSEMBLE:  We can call you in an hour early tomorrow - will keep you posted!!!



Wind Ensemble Schedule January 15-20, 2018

"THE" JanFest performance is upon us!  Here is the schedule for Janfest week:  

Monday 7-9pm @ Milton High School, Tuesday 4-7pm @ Alpharetta Band Building, Thursday 4-6pm @ Alpharetta Band Buidling w/ Milton HS, Saturday 1/20/18 meet at AHS @ 7:45am dressed for the performance, travel via motorcoach to Athens, performance at The University of Georgia, arrive back at AHS - 6:30pm.

You can access the complete Saturday schedule HERE.  

Amazing Winter Clinic - GREAT JOB!

This past weekend the Alpharetta Bands participated in the 13th annual AHS Winter Band Clinic, learning from an incredible group of professional musicians.  The clinic gave our band members the opportunity to spend instructional time in from of experts on their instrument and in from of University Conductors.  Amazing progress this weekend!

Special Thanks to Dr. Jackie Hartenberger, Dr. David Kehler, Professor Angela Jones-Reus, Professor Billy Jones, Professor D. Ray McCellen, Dr. Amy Pollard, Dr. Connie Frigo,  Dr. Brandon Craswell, Dr. Jean Martin-Williams, Professor Achim Reus, Lee Watts, Professor Marc Boehm, Jason Cassinova, and Professor Scott Pollard. We appreciate your time and effort invested into our students!


Extra Wind Ensemble Rehearsals

IMPORTANT:  As you know our Wind Ensemble will be performing next week (January 20) at the University of Georgia.  We absolutely want to do whatever it takes to have an amazing performance at UGA.  Given the calendar schedule as it is, we've been without rehearsal for THREE WEEKS (going all the way back to Dec 18), now we're out again today, and next week we're scheduled to be out of school Monday and Tuesday.  We simply cannot miss this much rehearsal and expect to be good at UGA.  To make this our best possible performance, we've added a Wind Ensemble rehearsal next Monday evening at Milton and next Tuesday afternoon at AHS. 

Monday evening January 15 will be at the Milton High School Bandroom at 7pm;  you need to get to Milton on your own with instrument and music (Wagner only).  This rehearsal will be combined Bands on the Wagner.  We will also work logistics out for how we add 60 students to the stage during a live performance.  PLEASE put this on your radar. 

Tuesday afternoon January 16 we will rehearse our Wind Ensemble beginning at 4pm and run until 7pm.  Fulton Schools are actually in session Tuesday but it's a professional learning day for AHS staff (no students).  So sleep in - but please plan to be at AHS Bandroom from 4-7pm. Downbeat at 4pm. 

Finally, Thursday January 18 is our regularly-scheduled after-school rehearsal from 4-6pm.  The Milton WE will be coming to AHS and joining us for this rehearsal (this will be the final combined rehearsal).  We will not be rehearsing other music during this rehearsal. 

The Saturday January 20 schedule will be released this week.  Let's BE GREAT and put the time in to give our best performance!

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