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  • Enjoy this seasons production "Pyramids of Egypt"
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Things we forget to bring to Band Camp!

Number one question of the day - what am I forgetting to pack for Band Camp?   Wire music stand;  towels (pool and bath); soap / shampoo;  personal water cooler; bathing suit.  Be sure you've gone over "THE" list. Looks like great weather this week - HOT - but great!  Sunscreen, white t-shirts, shorts, good tennis shoes and socks.   Again, check that list. See everyone Monday morning!

Raider Band - ALL THE TIME!!

Verizon Ampitheater Opportunities!

The Alpharetta Band NEEDS YOU!   We have an immediate need for parent volunteers for upcoming Verizon shows!  The Verizon experience is one of our very best fundraisers. We staff several concessions.  We train you on the job.  It's great people-watching - - AND - you get to hear great music!  Please go to our schedule and Volunteer link to see what is available.  Got questions?  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Verizon Chair (and Booster President... and works full time...).  Please do sign up to volunteer today - we appreciate your help!!!

BAND CAMP odds-and-ends!

ALL MARCHING BAND MEMBERS:  Be sure you have the following for next week:

1. Igloo 1/2-gallon personal water cooler;  you should be HYDRATING NOW.  You will be drinking alot of water during the day at camp.

2. Wire music stand

3. extra reeds, valve oil, cork grease, instrument supplies, 3X5 card-stock ring-bound notepad and shoestring to create personal dot-book (rookies will understand after Wednesday).

4. 2 pairs of tennis shoes for marching in case one gets wet.  You cannot march in boat shoes, topsiders, or any type of sandal.  MUST BE TENNIS SHOES.  YES, sandals and flip-flops are acceptable for indoor rehearsals, but NOT outdoor rehearsals.

5. hat, sunscreen, white t-shirts, shorts, socks.  You need good socks to go with your tennis shoes for marching.


7. Cabin snacks.  Be smart; bring stuff your body is used to. Please do not bring carbonated drinks.  Water and Sports drinks are fine.  HYDRATE NOW.




Questions?  We'll spill "all of the beans" about camp at the meeting this Thursday evening (7/21) at 6:30pm at the AHS Band Building.  Please plan to be there.


Band Camp 2016!

Band Camp is ONE WEEK away!  ROOKIE CAMP IS THIS WEEK.  WATCH the calendar.

Band Camp is a fun time to meet new band members and rekindle old friendships - and make great music!  Hopefully you are having a restful summer and are playing your instrument or spinning daily.  


Never been to band camp? Not sure how to prepare?  The following is a quick-list of what you should be doing at this point.


 - Toiletries for 4 nights – You do need towels for showering and swimming!

- Bedding (i.e. sleeping bag or sheets, your favorite pillow).  The cabins at Rock Eagle have semi-private rooms and bathrooms (you'll pick roommates at a later time this summer)
- a flashlight

- Snacks if you want/need them (no carbonated drinks allowed at camp!) Most everyone brings snacks for the evening.

- Shorts and white t-shirts for every outdoor rehearsal; two pairs of good tennis shoes (one for AM, and one for PM while the morning shoes are drying out) and plenty of dry socks for all marching rehearsals; You MUST wear socks to avoid blisters, and ABSOLUTELY NO FLIP FLOPS or SANDALS for outdoor marching. Sunglasses and hats are great for outdoor rehearsals (note: we dress in white t-shirts outside to see our lines better - and they will help you stay cool!)

- VERY IMPORTANT:  We take hydration seriously.  You are required to own and bring to camp a 1/2 gallon IGLOO personal cooler with a flip-top, available locally or at the IGLOO website.  Please do not purchase a knock-off or attempt to use anything smaller. These are standard for marching bands, have a handle and hold enough water and ice to get you through one rehearsal. Write your name on it with a sharpie. You will use this at EVERY REHEARSAL ALL SEASON.

 NOTE: **You should be hydrating NOW (yes now) and plan to drink plenty of water during camp. How much should you be drinking? The latest conventional wisdom from the field of sports medicine holds that you should drink daily half your body weight in ounces of water. That is, if you weight 120 pounds, you should drink 60 ounces of water every day, or seven and a half cups. If you weight 180 pounds, you should drink 90 ounces of water daily, or about eleven cups. The point is that you are drinking NOW so you are hydrated later - when your body needs it!

- Comfortable clothes for indoor rehearsals
Conservative swimwear and flip-flops (family-friendly swim suits: if you have to ask, don't bring it!). - Your instrument and necessary accessories – be sure it’s in perfect playing condition prior to camp.

Reeds, cork grease, valve oil, etc....
*Music lyre for your instrument to hold the music during outdoor rehearsals unbtil you memorize it (available at local music stores)
** Wire music stand for indoor rehearsals – label with your name.
- print and bring ANY SHOW MUSIC that is available on the website (watch the website for details).  
Memorize as much as possible!  We will supply you with printed copies of music once you get to camp.

- a small 3 x 5 notepad (card-stock preferred) to create your "dotbook" and a shoestring long enough to hold it around your neck during outdoor practice (about the length of a saxophone neck strap) and a few pencils.  If you're not sure what this is there will be someone who is going to teach you.  

- Odds-and-ends: spray-on sport sunscreen (so it doesn't sweat off),  a hat, bug spray (something with deet), bee sting kits if you need them, inhalers as required. We do have parents on hand at all times at camp in case of emergency. 

ENJOY the rest of your summer!


If your band member is performing for graduation at Verizon Ampitheatre  they must be on time to Verizon in order to get into the facility and be ready for sound check.  Please download the schedule HERE

PERFORMANCE ATTIRE:  Guys - dress slacks, shirt and tie, and dress shoes.  No topsiders, tennis shoes, or sandals. A suit or sports coat is defintely appropriate.  Girls - nice dresses, blouse/skirt, or pant suits are fine, no bright colors.  Dresses and skirts should be long enough to be appropriate for performance.  Closed-toe dress shoes or heels are the standard.  No sandals please.

Students can choose not to perform and take the regular version of the written exam. Students signed up to perform will have a short written exam;  50% of their exam grad is performance based.  This means if a student is signed up to perform and DOES NOT SHOW, they will fail the exam; there is no way to make the performance up. 



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