• The Alpharetta Raider Band was Formed in 2004
  • The Alpharetta Raider Band has over 225 members
  • Enjoy this seasons production "Elements of the Universe"
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Placement Auditions

The 2019 placement audition etudes are now on the website.  The audition should include all 12 major scales (multiple octaves when possible) in 2.5 minutes or less, plus the placement etude that is posted.  Details on how that video should be uploaded to OneNote will be posted in OneNote content library.  How well you pay attention to instructions and details will have an effect on your placement score.  IF YOU ARE 2019 ALL STATE BAND (middle or high school) - you will not need to submit the scales portion of the audition.  Deadline for submission will be March 18, with 5 points being deducted from your total score for each day after 3/18.  This gives you 7+ weeks to prepare.  GOOD LUCK!


Looking Ahead...

Here's what is on the Band Schedule for the next 8 weeks (please check website calendar regularly)...  February 1-2 - GMEA District 5 Honor Band event /Performance;  CONCERT on February 6 - all bands will perform (LGPE Preview Concert);  Feb. 28-March 2 - All State Band in Athens, GA;  LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation) on March 5 - all bands will perform, schedule TBA (SB1 and SB2 will be during the school day, WE will be after school);  March 18 - deadline to turn in completed placement audition videos (details on OneNote);  and March 19-21 - AHS HOSTS Middle School Band LGPE @ AHS. 

All State Band Results!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following AHS Band members who have passed the final round of auditions and have been accepted into the 2019 GA All State Band:  Ayoub Abubaker - Clarinet, Daniel Cho - Clarinet, Olivia Colburn - Flute, Nadia Dixon - Contra BCL, Ben Failor - Trumpet, Antonina Forzese - Horn, Matthew Lou - Tuba, Ethan Metcalf - Clarinet, Ian Schwalbe - Trombone, David Wahl - Trombone, and Ryan Zhang - percussion.  The actual performance event will take place in Athens, GA on April 28-March 2, 2019.  Book your hotel NOW!!  Questions?  See Mr. Walsh Monday morning.  Also, check your email...

This is a HUGE accomplishement - we are PROUD of each one of you - way to represent our RAIDER BAND!!

GMEA District 5 Honor Band Results

Congratulations to the following 37 AHS Band members who auditioned for and have been selected to the Georgia Music Educators Association District 5 Honor Band, chair placement in (  ):  

9-10 Concert BandFlute:  Allison Wang (2);  Clarinet:  Daniel Cho (1), Linjay Zeng (11), Yunseol Cho (15);  Contra BCL:  Nadia Dixon (1);  Trumpet: Ben Failor (2), John Heyerdahl (13);  French Horn:  Drequor Berry (6);  Trombone:  David Wahl (2), Hormis Thaliath (4);  Tuba:  Matthew Lou (2), Ben Seletsky (5);  Percussion:  Ryan Zhang (4)

11-12 Symphonic BandFlute: Olivia Colburn (4), Maliha Hasan (12);  Clarinet:  Ethan Metcalf (2), Ayoub Abubaker (5), Victoria Akpan (14), Daniel Jensrud (17);  Bass CL:  Manoj Niverthi (1); Alto Sax:  Ryan Bard (3);  Trumpet:  Taewoo Kang (4), Arthur Yu (5), Nick Amundsen (7), Patrick Wahl (9), Will Ash (13), Noah Orban (14);  French Horn:  Antonina Forzese (4), Grant Thomson (6), George Porgorelov (8);  Trombone:  Ian Schwalbe (1), Justin Zandstra (7);  Euphonium:  Emma Wood (1), Marcelo Guerra (4);  Tuba:  Kaushal Gokare (2);  Percussion:  Ian Vandes (6), Billy Myslajek (10)


The District Honor Band event will take place on Friday/Saturday February 1-2, 2019 at North Atlanta High School (concerts on Saturday evening Feb. 2nd beginning at 5pm).  Be sure to get the printed acceptance form and schedule from Mr. Walsh ASAP.  Placement scores are from the first round of the All State Band audition.  Honor Band is selected based on audition score and instrumentation needs.  So it is possible to earn a spot in the honor band and not have passed the first round of all state - or passed the first round of all state auditions but not made it into the honor band. 


First Round All State Band Audition Results

Congratulations to the following 39 AHS Band members who have successfully passed the first round of All State Band auditions and will be going on to the second and final round of auditions, to be held at Houston County High School on Saturday January 5, 2019:  

Flute:  Olivia Colburn, Alexa Espinosa, Maliha Hasan, Allison Wang;  Oboe:  Divya Vikram;  Clarinet:  Ayoub Abubaker, Daniel Cho, Ethan Metcalf;  Bass Clarinet: Nadia Dixon, Manoj Niverthi;  Contra Bass Clarinet:  Nadia Dixon;  Alto Saxophone:  Ryan Bard;  Tenor Saxophone:  Aaron Bagger;  Trumpet:  Nick Amundson, Will Ashe, Ben Failor, John Heyerdahl, Taewoo Kang, Patrick Wahl, Arthur Yu;  French Horn:  Drequor Berry, Antonina Forzese, Sanath Kamath, Varun Kasibhatla, Enrique Perez, George Pogorelov, Grant Thomson;  Trombone:  Josh Herring, Nikhil Jaganathan, Hormis Thaliath, Ian Schwalbe, David Wahl, Justin Zandstra, Kevin Zhao;  Bass Trombone:  Nishad Kute;  Euphonium:  Emma Wood;  Tuba:  Kaushal Gokare, Matthew Lou;  Percussion:  Ian Valdes, Ryan Zhang

The second round is the entire etude and two pieces of sight reading.  Students, prepare NOW.  This is your opportunity to get extra help - before the semester break.  Mr. Walsh and Mr. Jenkins will be in Chicago during exam week, so let's work this week.  Audition times for round two are TBA, transportation will be on your own (112 miles from AHS, allow plenty of time to get there). 


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