• The Alpharetta Raider Band was Formed in 2004
  • The Alpharetta Raider Band has over 120 members
  • Enjoy this seasons production "Pyramids of Egypt"
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All State Etude Updates

There have been some revisions to All State Etudes.  9/10 Alto Sax, 9/10 Trumpet, and 11/12 Horn have been revised - please check and reprint if necessary.  In addition, 11/12 Tenor Sax F scale (concert Eb) is now 2 octaves, and 11/12 Bass Trombone C, Db, and D scales are now 2 octaves.  TTFN !!


The 2015 8th grade Band night will be Friday September 18th, which is the AHS vs. Lambert FB game (this is a change from the original date).  This is the night that we invite all 8th grade band members to bring their instruments and "experience" high school Marching Band - a sneak-peek into the future!  The Marching Raiders will be joined by 8th grade band members from Webb Bridge MS and Hopewell MS for a night of fun and music making as we cheer our Raider FB team to victory!  Details will be available through your MS Director.  GO RAIDERS!!

And ... it Begins - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

One of the most exciting times of the year - the "first" week of school!  If you are a new band member, WELCOME TO AHS!  If you went to Band camp with us you already have new friends and upper classmen who you can "hang" with during the day.  If you did not go to camp, the Band building is a good starting point for your day.  If you are a "vet" (returning grade 10,11 or 12) welcome back!  We're looking forward to another great year of music making!

LOCKERS:  Please bring $10 to rent a lock for your instrument locker.  We will not check out a locker without a lock.  You must use our lock in case you get locked out, or in case we need to get into your locker.  We strongly encourage every student have their own instrument storage locker.  We will check lockers out during rehearsals, at lunch, and after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  EVERYONE should have a locker by Wednesday.  We have one of the nicest instrument storage rooms in the county and want you to take advantage of having a place to keep your instrument during the day.  Lockers are for instruments, NOT BOOKS. We expect you to have a regular locker in the school building or carry your books.

INSTRUMENTS:  WE PLAY EVERY DAY;  BRING YOUR INSTRUMENT EVERY DAY.  EVERY DAY.  EVERY DAY.  If you will need a school instrument (we have low reeds - BCL, TSX, BSX;  double reeds - OB, BSSN; French Horns; low brass - EUP, TUBA, and percussion instruments) - we will do our best to get school instruments assigned during the first 3 days of school.  Be patient.  

SMARTMUSIC:  We take full advantage of a web-based mobile program for practice and performance assignments called Smartmusic.  If you alredy have an account, GREAT.  Otherwise, we will spend time during class this week enrolling everyone in this program.  Using the program at school is free.  We encourage you to purchase a one-year subscription for $40.00 - that is $0.11 cents a day!  The subscription allows access anywhere 24-7, and will allow you to submit assignments from the convenience of your own home, on your time.  Please watch the video on the Smartmusic website and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (our resident Smartmusic guru) with questions!

Please look around this website.  Information is updated and changed on a regular basis.  See something missing that you think should be on the site?  Let us know.  

You can always contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via email.

As always - GO RAIDERS!!!


2016 All State Etudes are HERE!

Ever wanted to know what All State Band is all about?  You can't make it unless you try out!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Please go to the "links" button above and then to the GMEA website, then Divisions, then Band, then All State.  Once you have your Smart Music account active you will be able to work on the etude through Smart Music.  Questions?  See Mr. Walsh, Mr. Jenkins, or Mr. Boss.  YOU CAN DO IT!!

Marching band Practice!

2015-16 begins next week!!  Our full-band Marching rehearsals will be Tuesday night from 6:30-9pm in the stadium, and Thursday after school from  4-7pm on the practice field.  Percussion and Guard will practice Monday's after school.  If you are missing from practice a written excuse (in advance when possible) is required to be conisidered excused.  Otherwise you may lose your spot.  We know we can count on you and look forward to a great season!!


ALWAYS bring your water cooler to practice.  We recommend a protien bar for the half-way point as well.  Be sure your DOT book is complete and bring a pencil for changes and notes. RAIN OR SHINE, we'll still to this schedule until football season is complete.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.  

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