• The Alpharetta Raider Band was Formed in 2004
  • The Alpharetta Raider Band has over 225 members
  • Enjoy this seasons production "Elements of the Universe"
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Wind Placement Etudes for the 2018 -2019 school year have been published.  You can download them NOW by going to the music page on this website.  They will also be available on smartmusic sometime later this week.   The DEADLINE for submitting your audition video (12 major scales in 2.5 minutes, plus the etude) will be Monday March 26.  Complete instructions with video procedure and guidelines have been published to your ensemble’s OneNote “content library.” Audition video links must be submitted on your OneNote account.  Prepare early - GOOD LUCK!!

New Parent Portal Now Available!

PARENTS - we have opened a new "parent portal" to make parent-specific information more readily available to you.  It is on the PARENT PAGE of this website in RED (see PARENTS button at the top of this page).  Please CHECK IT OUT TODAY!

Microphone for TUNING - update

(Original post October 1). Tuning the ensemble is essential.  Playing in tune for an individual is simply not optional.  With advanced tuning applications available on smartphones - especially the Tonal-Energy tuning app (available for Apple and Android and used by many of the best high school and college bands in the country), it is critical that we take advantage of the readily-available technology in the classroom. This tuning app allows students to see a very precise measurement of their pitch.

One way we can actively use this technology during rehearsal is with a microphone connected to our phone's tunning app.   This will allow the tuner to ONLY listen to you during a live rehearsal, giving you very specific feedback in realtime!  Without the microphone it is listening to the entire band - which does not help the individual student.

There are a couple of microphone options.  By far the most popular model is the Peterson "pitch-grabber" for mobile tuner apps,  Another is the OnBoardResearch "AppClip".   Both are $14.99 and will work with the mobile apps.  Look at the input mini-jack to make sure it will fit your phone before purchasing.  

No smartphone?  No Problem.  A simple portable tuner like the KORG CA-2 personal tuner can be purchased local for under $25.00 (Korg CM200 microphone w/larger 1/4-inch jack to fit this tuner is sold seperate) and works the same way as the mobile app in rehearsal.   

Congratulations 2018 All State Band Members!

The final round of all state band auditions was held on Saturday January 6 at Houston County High School in Warner Robins, GA. 

Congratulations to the following 13 Raider Band members who have been selected to the 2018 All State Band:  Ayoub Abubaker (Clarinet), Brent Chen (Tenor Sax), Daniel Cho (Clarinet), Olivia Colburn (Flute), Ben Failor (Trumpet), Ethan Metcalf (Clarinet), Ian Schwalbe (Trombone), Michael Tang (Clarinet), Cole Tinsley (Trombone second alternate), David Wahl (Trombone), Patrick Wahl (trumpet), Allison Wang (Flute), and Arthur Yu (Trumpet).  We are so very proud of each of you!

The complete list of chair placements for all ensembles can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the appropriate ensemble: 

9-10 All State Band  /  11-12 All State Band   Alternates are not listed here.

The actual All State Band event is March 1-3, 2018, beginning that Thursday afternoon (plan to be in Athens by 5pm).  The first rehearsal will be Thursday evening March 1, 2018 time TBA. 

You will need hotel for Thursday and Friday nights; the performances are Saturday all day.  As mentioned at the beginning of the year, YOU MUST BE CHAPERONED BY YOUR PARENTS AND SECURE YOUR OWN HOTEL SPACE.  If you have been selected it is highly suggested that your parents (if they have not already done so) secure hotel space NOW - do not wait until next week.  A list of Athens hotels can be found HERE. 

Raider Band Graduates to Perform at the National Championship!

I suspect when this crew graduated from AHS and decided to continue Marching Band at UGA, they never in a million years dreamed they would be where they are today! The "short" 5.5 mile Rose Parade and marching in a nationally-televised halftime show during the Rose Bowl was no doubt pretty sweet ... and now they get that once-in-a-lifetime chance to go to and perform at the National Championship Game!  


In the Rose Bowl parking lot in Pasadena CA - from left:  Carolyn Mundy (Oboe, Guard - 2017), Karyna Pillay (Horn - 2016), Ismar Miniel (Euphonium - 2015), Carlee Woodring (Bassoon - 2015), Maria Mendoza (Horn - 2015), James Wilson (Percussion - 2015) and Ido Erlitzki (Percussion - 2015).  Be sure to tune in Monday night January 8 to see / hear them in action.  We are PROUD of our Raider Band Graduates!

We say it all of the time - you NEVER KNOW where marching band is going to take you - you just gotta do it!  Go Raiders! ... and Go Dawgs!

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