• The Alpharetta Raider Band was Formed in 2004
  • The Alpharetta Raider Band has over 225 members
  • Enjoy this seasons production "Elements of the Universe"
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Clip-on microphone for tuning

Tuning the ensemble is essential.  Playing in tune for an individual is simply not optional.  With advanced tuning applications available on smartphones - especially the Tonal-Energy tuning app (available for Apple and Android and used by many of the best high school and college bands in the country), it is critical that we are able to take advantage of technology in the classroom.  One way we can effectively do this is with a microphone connected to our tunning app that will allow the tuner to ONLY listen to you during a live rehearsal.  There are a couple of options.  One is the Peterson "pitch-grabber" for mobile tuner apps,  another is the Go-Tune "AppClip".   Both will work with mobile apps.  Dont have a smartphone?  No Problem.  Something simple like the KORG TM-50 personal tuner can be purchased for under $25.00 and works the same with one of the clip-on microphones.   Invest a little now, BIG PAYOFF later !!

Florida Competition SATURDAY October 21, 2017

On Friday October 20th the Marching Raider Band will travel to Ft. Walton Beach, FL to compete in the Emerald Coast Marching Band Classic, hosted by Choctawhatchee High School.  We will leave from AHS Friday evening around 7pm and return Sunday around 8:30pm.  

BE sure your band member has the following:  COMPLETE uniform, CLEAN black shoes, black socks that cover the ankles, WHITE band t-shirt for rehearsal Saturday, GREY band t-shirt for under uniform Saturday.  FYI, Jackets cannot be removed unless the correct shirt is worn underneath.  Also - toiletries for 2 nights away, rehearsal shorts and shoes for Saturday morning, PERSONAL WATER COOLER for rehearsal Saturday morning, bathing suit for Sunday (beach), extra money for lunch and dinner Saturday.  Each student will recieve $15 cash meal per dium on Saturday.  Breakfast is free at hotel, and we will have pizza on Saturday night and give each student a box lunch on Sunday as we board buses for Atlanta. We will not make a formal dinner stop, so snacks would be appropriate. 

Complete details can be downloaded HERE.

Homecoming 2017!

Next Friday October 13 is the Alpharetta HS Homecoming Game (also Pinkout).  Marching Raiders, we will no doubt have a busy week, so please be sure you are working to complete set 4 music memorization so we can field the entire show for Homecoming!

Verizon Opportunity!!

OK Everyone, we have 5 concerts left, 3 of which are low in numbers for Volunteers signed up.  We REALLY need your help!  Parents, if you have not ever volunteered, this is a good opportunity to support the program. 

Please click to enter into "sign-up genie" to sign up for available events.  

Thanks in advance for being willing to volunteer to support your program!!

California trip deposit due now!

The first deposit for our Anaheim, CA performance trip was due September 15 ($250.00).  If you are still intending to get a deposit in, we can take it up to 10/1/17(non-refundable after 10/1/17) please bring a check payable to "ABBA."  This is going to be one AWESOME trip and we want to include you, so please be sure to bring in your deposit to secure your seat on the plane!

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