• The Alpharetta Raider Band was Formed in 2004
  • The Alpharetta Raider Band has over 225 members
  • Enjoy this seasons production "Elements of the Universe"
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Finalize Smartmusic Accounts

All AHS Band students should be enrolled in Smartmusic by this Friday August 26, 2016.  There are 2 ways to do this.  You can enroll at school through Mr. Jenkins and use your account on the school iPads.  You will only be able to access it at school.   But the BEST way to sign up is to purchase a one-year subscription and be able to access your account 24-7 anywhere you have internet access.  At $40.00 per year, that is about the same as one cup of Startbucks coffee per month for 9 months.  Or - it's less than .22 cents a day for each of the 180 days in a school year.  And it's LESS than you'd spend taking the family out to just one movie! This is one of the very best tools for individual student practice - and we will use it for individual performance assessments throughout the year.   If you have any questions after you have visited the Smartmusic website and viewed the videos, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please take advantage of this incredible tool now !

GREAT first show!!

There is only one first-time...  Ahhh.... our first halftime show.... the anticipation, the uniform, the fear, the excitement, the large crowd (about 3000 last night), the rain, the mistakes, the recoveries - and it all goes by in just minutes - what a blast!  Great habits are starting to form and the show is beginning to develop nicely.  We are very proud of our Raider Band.  Mr. Jenkins and me know that this is gonna be a great season!  

We know this is redundant, but look at the calendar DAILY.  KNOW when rehearsals and performances are taking place and be sure they are planned around, not on top of.  Great performance tradition depends on every band member being at every rehearsal and every performance EVERY TIME.  No Band performs better than their best rehearsal. And no Band is at their best when there are missing fellow band members in performance.  As a band member, we must be able to count on you.  

Parents and students, please go to the STUDENT PAGE  and print the Attendance Agreement (about half-way down the page in RED).  Read it, sign it, and return it to Mr. Walsh or Mr. Jenkins on Monday morning 8/22/16.  

Here's to a GREAT season -  Raider Band .... ALL THE TIME!!

All State Band Audition Registration

Attention Students / Parents:  Registration for All State Band Auditions is taking place NOW.  PLEASE be sure that you officially sign up with Mr. Walsh.  The required audition fee is $20, payable to "ABBA" and due NOW.  Etudes are on the GMEA website.  If you have questions please see Mr. Walsh or Mr. Jenkins NOW.  THE DEADLINE to sign up is September 20th

 The audition date for round 1 is December 10, 2016.  The audition will be also used for GMEA District 5 Honor Band.  Round one is being hosted at Alpharetta HS.  Passing round one will move you to round "2" which will be January 7, 2017 at Houston County HS (below Macon, GA).   The actual All State event will be March 2-4, 2017 in Athens.  

There is no greater honor for high school band students than being selected by audition as a member to the GA All State Band.  Work NOW.  Ask for help NOW.  Take lessons NOW.  Alpharetta HS Band has a reputation of placing good numbers of students into the All State Bands and Orchestras, and it's by design, not by accident.  e want to help prepare you for a successful audition.  You will never if you can make it ... unless you try!!

It all starts by signing up for the audition - so get signed up NOW!!   All State help sessions will begin in October with Mr. Walsh and Mr. Jenkins.  

All State Etudes POSTED!

The etudes for the 2017 GMEA All State Band auditions have now been posted.  Go to GMEA website, fund the DIVISIONS tab at top and drop down to BAND, then ALL STATE BAND.  Once on that page scroll down left side to pull the appropriate etude. 

GRADE 9-10 should be looking at Concert Band, GRADE 11-12 should be looking at Symphonic Band. BE SURE YOU PULL CORRECT ETUDE before you print (check etude title).  ALSO - please note the required scales and order of scales are listed at the top of the etude.  You can also print the scales in the reuiqred format (do this too).  


Flute, Piccolo: 3 octaves from Low C;  Oboe:  Low Bb to High F;   Sop. Bb Clarinet: Low E to High G above High C;  Bass, Contra Cl:  Low E to High C;  : Bassoon: 3 octaves from Low Bb;  All Saxophones: Low Bb to High F;  French Horn: Low F to High A; Trumpet,Baritone T.C.:Low F# to High C;   Trombone, Baritone B.C.:Low E to High Bb;   Bass Trombone: Low (Pedal) Bb to High F;  Tuba:  Low E to High Bb 

If you have any questions or find any mistakes please see Mr. Walsh or Mr. Jenkins.  Prepare early, be ready for December.  

FYI, December GMEA District 5 auditions will again be hosted at Alpharetta HS.  GOOD LUCK!!


LOCKERS ... Still don't have a band locker? Every Band member must have one.  Lockers can be rented before or after school ($10).  Percussionists - you WILL need your own locker too for stick/mallet bag storage. Guard can rent locks for your lockers in the guard room too.

 The AHS Band Building will open about 7:30am each morning.  

Still need an instrument?  We have large brass and woodwind instruments like Tuba, Euphonium, Bari-Sax and Bass Clarinet;  all other instruments should be rented or purchased from a local dealer.

Before, during and after school is when we do instrument check-outs.  There is a one-time usage fee of $60 for the year, checks payable to ABBA.  Percussionists, this fee does NOT pay for your sticks and mallets.  You will purchase those on your own.  We often sell them to you at a discounted price.  The $60 is for use of all of the many percussion instruments you will have access to over the course of the year. 

Practice rooms are first-come-first-serve and are to be used for ... you guessed it ...  PRACTICE - not socializing.  

Marching Band Practice EVERY Tuesday - 6:30-9pm, EVERY Thursday 4-7pm.  Look at the Calendar DAILY to stay informed.



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