• The Alpharetta Raider Band was Formed in 2004
  • The Alpharetta Raider Band has over 225 members
  • Enjoy this seasons production "Elements of the Universe"
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Schedule Clarifications

Thank you to the parents who email questions in to us - we appreciate the communication! 

Parents, POINT OF CLARIFICATION:  Please be sure to click on each calendar event to see if there is any embedded info about that event.  Often times important details will be embedded.  There are several Teacher Work Days and Teacher Professional Development Days on the year-long schedule that may state "Teachers Only."  But if there is a performance on that day, we will most definitely still be meeting students that day and performing.  If you click on an event and there is no info embedded - and you need more info, please email us and we'll be happy to clarify and provide.  We do our best to communicate often and as clear as possible but like everyone else, fall short sometimes. Your questions are welcomed! 


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