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  • Enjoy this seasons production "Elements of the Universe"
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Summer Band Camp 2018!

#FavoritePartOfMySummer  Band Camp 2018 is finally here!  PLEASE look at the calendar for dates.  This is honestly one of our favorite times of the year.  New music, new show, new (and old) friends!  It’s a time to focus on music making and developing friendships.  It’s fun and exciting!

As you get ready for camp maybe the most important thing you can do, even more important that playing your instrument, is HYDRATE.  Drink plenty of water.  The biggest mistake people make is they get dehydrated and then try to “fix it” by drinking a bunch - doesn't work!  A basic ”rule-of-thumb” is to take your body weight, divide by 2, and that is your normal hydration (H2O) intake in ounces.  Add 8 ounces for each hour of training.  We will teach a habit of hydrating during camp.  But we want you to show up hydrated.  

EVERY MARCHING BAND STUDENT is required to have a 1/2-gallon igloo personal cooler. CLICK HERE to see what we’re talking about.  If you have not already done so, purchase it NOW. All good band programs require this same cooler. Do not get an off-brand and do not get anything smaller.  1/2 gallon usually gets us through one rehearsal session.  If you have trouble finding one, see Mr. Jenkins.  We have some extras that we are going to give away Monday morning before camp.

Be sure you have labeled anything of value that you bring to band camp (wire music stand, igloo cooler). It GOES WITHOUT SAYING to remember to bring your instrument (bet you can guess why we say that...). If you will be playing a school instrument it should have been checked out to you during rookie week or before. If you choose bring electronics (laptop, tablets, etc) you are completely responsible for them - not the chaperones, not the staff (cabin rooms are not locked and are not secure like your house).  This includes your cell phone.  

A complete list of the essentials you need for camp is AVAILABLE HERE!


REMEMBER.... BE AT AHS MONDAY MORNING JULY 23 NO LATER THAN 8:00AM.  Loading crew (indoor / outdoor ops, perc) should meet at 7:15am. 


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