• The Alpharetta Raider Band was Formed in 2004
  • The Alpharetta Raider Band has over 225 members
  • Enjoy this seasons production "Elements of the Universe"
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Congratulations to the following 49 AHS Band members who have passed the first round of the All State Band audition and have qualified for round two on Saturday January 6, 2018 at Houston County High School in Warner Robins, GA:  Ayoub Abubaker, Nick Amundsen, Will Ashe, Aaron Bagger, Ryan Bard, Drequor Berry, Erica Campbell, Christina Chan, Brent Chen, Daniel Cho, Sean Cho, Yunseol Cho, Caleb Colburn, Olivia Colburn, Danny Corena, Nidisha Dasari, Nadia Dixon, Ryan Eberle, Anthony Elengickal, Alexa Espinosa, Ben Failor, Kausal Gokare, Marcelo Guerra, Emily Halphen, Maliha Hasan, John Heyerdahl, Nikkil Jaganathan, Taewoo Kang, Breandon Mead, Ethan Metcalf, Maddie Morgan, Billy Myslajek, Manoj Niverthi, Matt Olson, Noah Orban, Ian Schwalbe, Michael Tang, Hormis Thaliath, Grant Thomson, Cole Tinsley, Stephen Tong, Ian Valdes, David Wahl, Patrick Wahl, Allison Wang, Sara Watson, Emma Wood, Arthur Yu, Justin Zandstra, and Kevin Zhao.  

Round two is: BOTH parts of the etude, plus two sightreading exercises. WORK HARD and get with your private teacher over the break!!

The audition schedule (your time) will be posted to this website as soon as it is published.  Please CHECK THE WEBSITE reglularly during the holiday break.  You are responsible for your own transportation to Houston County High School.  It is approximately 2.5 hours from Alpharetta - so leave early and allow extra time for our amazing highways!

TAKE YOUR INSTRUMENTS HOME TOMORROW (TUESDAY 12/19/17).  Mr. Walsh and Mr. Jenkins will be at the Midwest Clinic the rest of this week.  

If you are auditioning and have an emergency question prior to auditions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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