• The Alpharetta Raider Band was Formed in 2004
  • The Alpharetta Raider Band has over 120 members
  • Enjoy this seasons production "Pyramids of Egypt"
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Wind Ensemble Rehearsals begin THIS WEEK

Our Alpharetta High School Wind Ensemble is one of the premier high school bands in the state.  The quality and level of music performed does not happen by chance; it requires hard work hard and dedication from each and every member of the ensemble.  We have a limited number of scheduled Thursday after-school rehearsals beginning this week.  Each rehearsal is from 4-5:30pm.  It is a privilage to be part of this ensemble, so PLEASE make these rehearsals a priority on your schedule.  The rehearsals are ineffective when students are missing - we want and need to be able to count on you!  

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